Captains of Industry

Emily told me about this place! I love places that are sorta hidden. I think if you didnt know about this place, you might even walk past it without knowing it was there.

I love the unique and cosy vibe of the place. I love that there are sewing machines on some of the tables! The staff were so friendly and attentive 🙂 the coffee was great! I even love the unique spoon that came with my coffee! I stared at it for ages. Roma! (Ive been there by the way eheheheh)

And then i ordered the three cheese sandwich that Emily recommended to me. Oh… yes! That was delicious!! Love at first bite hahaha

I love attention to detail and care. Look at this salt on the sandwich!

So good 🙂

I like this place! Great place to come for a coffee or brunch! 🙂 its at 2 Somerset place in the city (a few blocks from melbourne central) 🙂

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Gauge Espresso

Gauge Espresso in Ormond! The coffee was great! But the thing i loved the most was the couple who owned it were so friendly 🙂 i actually came here because i saw a review on zomato where a woman came here but forgot to bring cash and they let her have the coffee on an IOU! And it was her first ever time there. So nice 🙂 its at 3 katandra rd ormond, right next to ormond station 🙂 small but really awesome cafe!

#coffee #cafe #ormond #gaugeespresso 

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Chapter 28

Anton and Four-tooth sat quietly outside the tavern, blankets wrapped around themselves, covering their faces.  Standing around them was a line of the King’s elite maroon and gold soldiers.  They were all standing there absolutely still.  Except for one guy on the far right, who was practicing tricks with a yoyo.  He had mastered simple up and down and now was trying ‘Walk the Dog’, but with very little success so far.

Anton had observed this soldier for a few minutes, but soon went back to his own, more pressing thoughts.  Such as:

Maruska. I need to see Maruska.

Seeing her a few weeks ago had been incredible.   He never expected to see her again in this lifetime.  She was still beautiful, and his love for her had resurfaced again so powerfully, like a dormant volcano erupting.  And being back in Firgenduke was giving him massive nostalgia.  He remembered walking down this street with her, holding her hand.  He remembered lying under that tree over there with her, looking up at the sky through the treetops, his head resting on her stomach like a pillow.  Yes, it was true she had done something terrible to Ginessa, but Anton didn’t blame her for that.   He blamed himself.   He let his thoughts drift, flitting between happy memories, sad memories, traumatic memories and the present.

Suddenly, a shiver went down his spine and he felt adrenaline or butterflies explode in his stomach and his entire body felt electrified.  There was the rhythmic sound of someone skipping down the street, together with a familiar voice humming a tune.  Anton didn’t even need to look to know who it was coming down the street.

“Lady Maruska,” said one of the soldiers (whose name was Ebadeb), “Greetings, Milady on this fine night. What brings you out on this fine Firgenduke night?”

“It is a fine night isn’t it?” said Maruska.  She twirled around and her robes splayed out like a flower in bloom. She giggled, then said, “Is Lena or Clarence inside?”

Ebadeb said nothing for a moment, so stunned was he at seeing her giggle.  He had never seen her giggle or chuckle before.  He had see her smirk once, four years ago when a clumsy guard had slipped on a banana peel in the courtyard.

Maruska waved her hand in front of his face playfully.

“Oh, sorry,” said Ebadeb. “I don’t know if Lena or Clarence are inside.”

“That’s okay,” said Maruska, “I’ll just go inside and see if they are in.”

“I’m sorry, milady,” said the soldier, “We are under strict orders from Javier not to let anybody in or out of the tavern.” Then he whispered, “We’re in the process of capturing someone wanted by the King.”

“Who?” whispered Maruska.

“It’s a secret,” whispered the soldier.

Maruska nodded slowly and then said, “Very well then.  Please do me a favour and inform Lena or Clarence that I stopped by to say goodbye.  And that I’ll be at the docks tonight if they want to see me.  And I want you to tell Lena that she is very dear to me.  And tell Clarence he’s alright.”

And with that, Maruska walked off down the street.  After a few steps, she once again began skipping and humming, as carefree as a child.

Anton, meanwhile was completely stunned that Maruska had just walked past him!  He had just been thinking about her, and then she just appeared!  Oh, and she looked so beautiful tonight!  As beautiful tonight as she had ever been.  The sourness and anger he had witnessed when speaking to her last seemed to have lifted from her being.  He went to stand up, but Four-tooth instinctively yanked him down and said, “What are you doing?”

“Maruska is who I came to see,” said Anton, “I have speak to her.”

“Are you crazy?” whispered Four-tooth, “Javier and his men are right here!  They are looking for you!  Let’s wait and try to sneak out to the docks before sunrise.”

Anton shook his head, “I can’t risk missing her.  My wife’s life depends on it.”

And with that, he stood up, stretched a bit and with a flick of his arms, shedded the blankets that had thus far concealed him.

There now stood a bear of a man, with a blood-red hooded robe.  All the soldiers now saw him now, as if for the first time.  It was as if he had just appeared out of thin air.  Even the soldier practicing his yoyo stopped and looked.

Anton strode calmly past them.  Perhaps because he was so relaxed and fearless, none of the soldiers thought to capture him.  They just watched him, unsure if he was the man they were looking for.

“Maruska,” said Anton.

The fair red-headed maiden, who was joyfully skipping down the road, froze.

Then she turned around.

Urgh, thought Anton to himself, as if he just got punched in the chest, She’s too beautiful.

Indeed, in the moonlight of Firgenduke, the very same moonlight he had gazed upon her many years ago, she looked once again like the Maruska he’d loved.

He walked up to her and without even thinking, took both her cool, delicate hands in his and stepped in close to her.

(By this stage, all the soldiers and Four-tooth were mesmerised.  All thoughts of capture were gone and they were transfixed on the scenes unfolding in front of them.)

Maruska looked into Anton’s eyes, unblinking.

“Anton…” she said.

Anton would have loved to wrap his arms around her, but a strange feeling inside him he had to do something more important.  He went down on one knee.  Then it occurred to him, that this might confuse Maruska and make her think he was proposing to her, so he put down the other leg too, so now he was kneeling on both knees.

“I came to Firgenduke,” he said, “To beg you to please cure my wife, Ginessa.”

It went all quiet.

As Anton looked up at the beautiful Maruska, with the Firgenduke starry night sky as a backdrop for her head, he could see her heart being crushed once again.  Once again, by him.  Her fingers withdrew from his hands; they slithered out like cold snakes.  Anton saw a tear drip off her cheek, illuminated by the moon.

Just then, there was a mood breaker.

The door to the tavern opened.

“And then we ate the canteloupe and I said to the guy, that’s why you can’t elope!”

It was Javier, followed by the Three Sisters.

“Men!” said Javier, “It seems our prey has slipped through our fingers! We must find him or the King will have our heads!  Two of you, go back inside the tavern and search it more thoroughly.  We are looking for a big man, with a red robe.  The rest of you, we will split up.  Look for him.  If you see Lena or Clarence, I want them arrested for helping a man wanted by the King!  And I told you Frank to stop playing with your yoyo on duty!  It makes us look unprofressional!”

One of the Three Sisters,  the blonde named Arisa, tapped Javier on the shoulder and said, “What did you say Anton was wearing again?”

“A blood-red robe,” said Javier, “Why?”

“You mean a bit like that?” she pointed to Anton, who was standing before Lady Maruska.

“Yes, yes, exactly that colour,” said Javier, “Now men!  Let’s split up and oh my gosh he is standing right there.  That’s him.  Yes it definitely is.”

Anton now went down on his hands and knees and pleaded to Maruska once again. “Please, Maruska.  You can do anything you want to me.  But please help me cure my wife.”

Javier came to his senses.

“What are you waiting for men!  Capture him!  Swarm! Surround him! Flank him! Do not let him escape!”

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the art of defenselessness

The Art of Defenselessness: Give Nothing to Defend

“Against criticism a man can neither protest nor defend himself; he must act in spite of it, and then it will gradually yield to him.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When you explicitly refuse to defend yourself amid the criticism of others — criticism of your career, your goals, your dreams, pursuits, lifestyle, whatever it may be — suddenly, critics realize that there is little about you to attack.

Defending yourself (or defending what is being criticized about you) only proves to others that something about you needs defending. When you mount a long-winded, logically-sound case in defense of your dreams and aspirations, the defense reveals that something about you and your lifestyle ought to be defended.

To be defenseless of the cerebral sphere

Defending oneself on this ethereal, spiritual level is quite unlike defending a country, a military base, or something physical that is in need of physical protection. That which is physical can be physically attacked, and thus can be physically destroyed.

That which is not physical but spiritual, mental, and emotional is wholly within: it cannot be touched, harmed or destroyed by the will or criticism of others, no matter how hard they try. Critics can never reach within the walls of your mind and destroy your dreams. Only you can destroy your dreams. Dreams are only destroyed by a dreamer’s choosing.

Yes, critics may mount and lambaste a dreamer for what he or she conjures — for what life we “ought” to lead or what kind of world we “should” strive to create. The literal and social attacks that they launch can truly be so severe that the dreamer succumbs to pressure and allows his or her dream to fade into darkness, to wither without a chance to bloom. Nevertheless, the dream dies only by the dreamer’s choosing.

Should we defend others who are being attacked by critics?

Yes, absolutely. The art of defenselessness is a personal practice — one of the many methods of self-improvement that, with focus and practice, can greatly aid our inner, spiritual development.

The art of defenselessness is a difficult ideal to strive for, but one that is so worth achieving. It entails great patience and understanding, offering your enemies and critics the benefit of the doubt, obligates you to shift your perspective in attempts to understand others’ criticism, and much more. However, we can’t ever expect others around us to be striving to attain the ideals we, as Renegades, set forth in our day-to-day lives. The men and women around us can only engage in such deeply-intimate personal development efforts by their choosing.

Neglecting to defend another person who is under scrutiny and criticism falls under the dangerous category of indifference – a social epidemic that history teaches us can even lead to genocide. When the choice is yours to make, you should always spring to the defense of another who is being unjustly criticized and ganged up on. The easy decision is to fall quiet, to be indifferent — to say, “Someone else will help that person.” If the choice is yours to make, make the choice to stand by the side of that person. Always.

But doesn’t neglecting to defend oneself reveal vulnerability and invite more criticism from others?

Unlike the physical realm where brute force can overcome, deter, and defeat the danger and predation of others, the inner realm is a place where only you reside. Your dreams are your own. Your visions, hopes, and wishes are your own. On this level, when you defend yourself you only present something that needs defense. When you present nothing to defend, attackers and critics soon realize their folly as you strive and overcome and achieve that which they cannot touch, cannot attack, and can’t ever destroy.

Do not defend yourself. Never defend yourself. For in the end, your defense only corroborates that something ought to be defended.

Master the art of defenselessness: overcome your natural reaction to want to respond and defend yourself amid criticism and judgment — even the most severe. For when you sit by idly as you are lashed by the unjust words of onlookers and naysayers, there will always be a silent few who recognize that the attack reveals more about the attacker than the one who sits defenseless.


When you explicitly refuse to defend yourself amid the criticism of others


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So inspiring! i need inspiration before my marathon on sunday :)

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A true runner has the heart and soul for the sport that doesn’t need to be proved to anybody else

A few months ago a college cross-country track coach from New Rochelle College in New York sent shock waves through the running community when she was quoted in aNew York Times article stating anyone finishing a marathon in 6 hours or more was taking away the pride from those completing such a prestigious event in a much shorter time frame.

Thankfully, I did not read the article before I ran my first marathon. I am not too sure how I would have responded or if it would have had any adverse effect on my race. While the coach may not be alone in her thinking, I am sure glad I have not met anyone so righteous when it comes to this sport.

Running a distance many people never dare dream to run, much less train for, is an accomplishment, even if you are the last one to cross the finish line. Someone has to be first and someone has to be last. The race is more than just crossing the finish line–it is putting in days, weeks, months, and yes, even years training every week to reach this goal. It’s about living a dream.

When I first started running I came across a quote that has always held a special meaning for me, long before I even considered running a marathon. It reads– “Less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the world’s population will dare to complete the distance of a marathon.” That means 99.9% of the world’s population will not do what many people who run a marathon, no matter their speed, have done–and that is to run a distance of 26.2 miles. These people had to to spend countless hours training for it.That quote was a such huge inspiration that got me through many an early morning training run in the midst of a hot, humid Texas summer.

When I was traveling to Chicago to run my first marathon, I was quite intimidated to see the number of people wearing the gear of previous marathons, especially the creme de la creme of all marathons, Boston. I began to doubt myself as to whether I belonged with these ‘real’ runners, after all I was just a middle-aged, formerly overweight Mom who had no marathon experience under her belt.

But all my fears were quickly allayed when a gentleman traveling to run in his 20th plus marathon in Chicago, in order to qualify for a faster corral position in Boston, said to me, “A true runner has the heart and the soul for the sport which does not have to be proved to anyone else but oneself.” I would like to thank all the Daves of the world who inspire those of us who may not be the fastest, but have the heart to run. 

So for all the judgemental coaches in the world and for all the purists in the sport, enjoy finishing your marathon in under 3 hours. Be grateful you will be back at your hotel resting and refueling while all us plodders anxiously wait in the port-a-let lines and get the last medals draped around our necks, only to find the food picked over at the post-run event gathering. Whether you like it or not, we all crossed the same finish line as you and some of the greatest marathoners in the world, as long as we can finished within the allotted time requirements of the race, WE ARE MARATHONERS!

How would you respond to those who believe only the best of the best should be privileged enough to run in an event, even though slower runners can complete the distance in the given time the course is opened? Do these individuals discourage you from living your dream or does it make you more determined to live it?

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Review: How I Went From Hating To Loving Vibram Five Fingers


Review: How I Went From Hating To Loving Vibram Five Fingers

 by  | October 17, 2012 | Updated: August 8, 2013 | 65 comments

Vibram Five Fingers ReviewIn the last few years, barefoot, orminimalist shoes have gained significant traction in the footwear market. A combination of compelling barefoot running research, a growing paleomovement, which embraces our ancestral lifestyle, and legions of passionate supporters has led to an explosion in popularity.

As I watched people jump on the bandwagon, I stayed on the sidelines.

Whenever I saw someone wearing the most popular of barefoot shoes – Vibram Five Fingers (pronounced Veebram) – I shook my head. Vibrams are those “toe shoes” that provide minimal padding so as to mimic the barefoot experience.


I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t even consider wearing vibram five fingers primarily because I thought they looked ugly. Chalk it up to vanity, or stubbornness, I wouldn’t even give the shoes a chance.

I hated, or better yet disliked vibram five fingers because they:

  • looked ugly
  • were completely different from traditional sneakers
  • have very little padding
  • could possibly cause injury
  • have no sole so I lose an inch of height wearing them
  • were not nearly as cool as my Nike Frees

How did I go from hating to loving vibram five fingers and even thinking they look cool? Why would I recommend them to all my friends/family/clients and you?

The following is a story about how I came to love vibram five fingers.

Vibram Five Fingers Review | Intrigue

“I ran the marathon in Vibram Five Fingers and had no soreness after the race,
and no soreness the next day”


Vibram Five Fingers Review

My friend Brian crossing the finish line in Vibram Five Fingers at the LA Marathon this summer.

This is what my friend Brian told me while I was visiting him in Los Angeles, CA back in July. Needless to say, I was shocked. I know several people who were bed ridden for 2 days after running the marathon and felt awful for weeks.

I remembered speaking to Brian as he was training for the race and saying bluntly “It’s stupid to run a marathon on pavement in vibrams. Maybe grass, but payment, that’s crazy”. I felt a little awkward using the word “stupid”, but it just came out; possibly out of frustration, or maybe because I didn’t want Brian to hurt himself. The thing is Brian is not a stupid guy, he’s a really smart guy.

Brian never ran much more than 20 feet as a former college football linebacker, but after dropping 30lb and finding vibrams, he’s never looked back. He actually enjoys running and wears vibrams religiously. While I was still very skeptical of vibrams, Brian’s story left a very strong impression on me.

Right after I visited Brian, I headed down to the IDEA Health & Fitness Convention, which is a fitness conference with 6,000 fitness professionals held in San Diego, CA. At the conference, I noticed that most fitness professionals had minimalist shoes and of those a small chunk were wearing vibrams.

Interestingly, a disproportionately large percentage of fitness professionals who were in the best shape were wearing vibrams.

Vibram Five Fingers Review

This is a photo I took of the first time I tried on Vibram Five Fingers. I was amazed at how comfortable they were.

After a couple of presentations, I headed to the IDEA Expo, which was a massive space featuring every fitness product and method under the sun from Zumba to TRX. One of the first booths as you walk into the Expo was the Vibram booth, which featured a bunch of different vibram models. As I was looking around the booth, a vibram rep named PJ asked me if I needed any help.

I started rambling to PJ about my misgivings about the vibram five fingers and that that I’d been wearing Nike Frees for years. He smiled and said, “Why don’t you try on a pair?” He gave me the Komodo LS. I slipped them on and after just a few seconds of walking, I was simply amazed. I was in disbelief with how comfortable and natural they felt on my feet.

After telling PJ how impressed I was with the shoes, I ended up learning he was a Media Relations and Communications Associate. After I told PJ about BuiltLean, he offered to send me a few pairs to see what I thought.

Vibram Five Fingers Review | Evaluation

Vibram Five Fingers ReviewWhen I got back from the conference, my first workout was a leg workout in my Nike Frees. I started off with some forward and reverse lunges paired with stiff legged deadlifts. I noticed as I was doing the lunges, my feet were moving all over the place in my shoe. I felt out of balance. Ever since I tried on those vibrams, my Nike Frees felt clunky, like I was wearing moon shoes.

I got so annoyed I took my shoes off, and finished my leg workout in my socks. People in the gym were looking at me funny, but I literally was disgusted with how the large sole of the Nike Free (which is technically a minimalist shoe) affected my balance and coordination in a very negative way. I didn’t even realize it before.

Vibram Five Fingers ReviewThe vibrams PJ sent me arrived within a few days after that leg workout. From the day I received the package of vibrams, I have not put on my Nike Frees, or any other traditional sneaker. I did try as a point of comparison the New Balance Minimus, which is a great minimalist shoe, but it’s nothing like vibrams.

In my first few days wearing vibrams, I walked around and did lifting workouts in the SEEYA, which is the most minimalist of Vibram models. After only the first day, I noticed that my outside toes were straining. In fact, the outside portion of my calves became sore from these little toes I’d apparently never used before in my life. Please Note: If you do try Vibrams, be sure to try them out very slowly as I did. Don’t go for a 5 mile run right away.

Vibram Five Fingers ReviewWithin the first week, I went to my brother’s apartment a few blocks away from me in NYC to show him the vibram five fingers. He described them aptly as an “exoskeleton for the foot”; the padding is minimal, but still strong enough to allow for running on just about any type of terrain and in a way enhances the way the foot moves.

Within just a couple of weeks, I noticed when I looked down at my ankles that they were completely straight. I used to have over-pronated feet (See: 5 Most Common Posture Problems), which apparently just went away. As an aside, I asked a podiatrist I met recently about my over-pronation, but before I could tell him that my problem was solved by wearing vibrams, he quickly blurted out, “Why don’t you get orthodics?” Classic example of attempting to treat the symptom, not the cause!

Vibram Five Fingers Review After wearing the vibrams just about everywhere, the last step was to wear them running. I started out with some interval sprints on a treadmill. Just a few minutes into my sprint workout, I realized something bizarre; I usually do 10mph at 10 incline 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, but I was able to do the same workout with vibrams at 12mph. After reading research showing that barefoot runners have better running economy, I guess it’s not too surprising. A a couple weeks later after doing several shorter runs, I took the vibrams to central park for a leisurely 2 mile run on cement. Yes, my feet were sore after the run and even the next day because I progressed quickly, but nothing else was sore (ankle, knee, hips felt great). If you are an avid runner, keep in mind it can take 3-6 months to make the transition to Vibrams.

Since I had lower back surgery for a herniated disc in college, I honestly never thought I would enjoy running again. But since I’ve been wearing vibrams, I’ve experienced no wear and tear on any of my joints, other than sore feet and calves after long runs, which is just a matter of conditioning.

Vibram Five Fingers Review | Approval

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”
Leonardo Davinci

Since wearing vibrams, I’m now convinced that not only is proper footwear when exercising is extremely important, but less is more. I’ve seen this not only from my own experience, but those of my clients as well.

In the last year alone, I’ve completed dozens of fitness assessments of people in all different age groups from mid 20′s wall street professionals to 70 year old grandfathers (and even grandmothers).
Every fitness assessment begins with a postural screen. I ask the client to take off his/her shoes, because a proper postural screen always starts from the ground up. Invariably, almost everyone has moderate to severe foot over-pronation and the toes are scrunched together. Even worse, foot strength along with ankle strength and flexibility is significantly lacking.

I also started to notice how awkward traditional sneakers looked when I was viewing my clients and other gym goers train. If I had my clients do a forward lunge for example, their feet, ankles, and knees would move uncomfortably out of balance. Instead of being stable, the feet were moving (while scrunched) around in their sneakers because the sneaker sole with its heavy padding was encouraging this movement.

As I mentioned in my article 7 Insights From The World’s Top Strength Coaches, the concept of functional anatomy and training continues to become more and more important to our BuiltLean exercise philosophy. Wearing vibrams is simply an extension of this philosophy. The foot should be strong, fit, and flexible like any other muscle in the body, as the body is one connected chain (aka the kinetic chain).

Vibram Five Fingers Review What makes vibrams special compared to traditional sneakers and also other minimalist shoes is that the toes are free to move naturally. They are not constricted. This is a big reason why they were named by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2007. A combination of the toe pockets, exoskeleton design, and barefoot feel (not wearing socks makes a startling difference for how the shoes feel) is what makes this product revolutionary. And now I think they even look cool.

Our feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 40 muscles, and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons, and ligaments, should they really be restricted in shoes all day long? I think not. My balance has improved dramatically, and I actually want to move around and enjoy exercise when I put them on. That alone is worth the $100-$110 price tag.

Is wearing vibram five fingers all roses? Nope. There are some cons which include (1) they can smell, (2) feet can get sweaty, (3) sometimes difficult to put on, (4) takes time to get used to them, and (5) sore feet, especially if you are a runner. While I address these cons in my Vibram Five Fingers Buying Guide, I think the pros far outweigh the cons.

I want to be free of injury, be strong, fit, and flexible with no muscle imbalances, or movement inefficiencies. My guess is you want the same. This is ultimately why I wear vibrams whenever I run or workout.

Should you try Vibrams? What Vibrams should you get? What size is right for you?

I created a buying guide to make buying your first pair a breeze. I also included a list of pros and cons as well:

Vibram Five Fingers Buying Guide »

Let me know what you think of this review and if you have any comments, or questions.

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